Extra Co Prefab & Interiors Business Unit was established in the early years of Extra Co’s existence. Starting with the production of prefabricated houses, the division has grown to a 100,000 sqm start-of-the-art factory adding the production of interior fit-outs, furnishings and carpentry work for all industries. We manufacture both standard and custom-designed prefab houses for temporary and permanent use, as well as complete interior fit-outs and carpentry work.

Our latest product range addition focuses on Container Manufacturing & Conversion. We specialize in converting shipping containers into single, connected or multifaceted structures ranging from retail and F&B shops, housing units, offices and ablution units, to specialized Industrial structures and epic multi-story brand experiences.

As an ISO-certified division, we employ a team of experienced professionals specializing in full turnkey solutions including design, manufacturing, transportation and installation of modular construction structures.

Prefab & Interior Services


Extra Co Prefab division caters to all aspects of prefab manufacturing in both standard and customized orders. The following options are available:

  • Prefab units fully built in our factory as self-contained, independent, transportable units that only require to be connected to utilities on site.
  • Semi-Modular Prefab units built in our factory and joined together on-site for larger configurations. Transportation is easy, and on-site work is minimal, while also relatively easy to disjoin and relocate for future use.
  • Modular prefab elements manufactured in our factory and assembled on-site for larger and custom-shaped structures. This allows for rapid construction of structures with great configuration flexibility.

The external and interior walls may be made of wooden panels, insulated panels, metal composite panels, or any other panel type as per the customer requirements.


  • Prefab Houses & Villas – Site Office Cabins – Labor Residence Cabins
  • Security Cabins – Kitchen & Hall Cabins – Ablution Units

Container Conversion

Extra Co. Containers division manufactures and refurbishes high quality, steel container-based products and is dedicated to bringing quality modular structures to sites across the UAE and the region. We specialize in converting shipping containers into single, connected and multifaceted structures ranging from retail and F&B shops, housing units, offices and ablution units, to specialized Industrial structures and epic multi-story brand experiences. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we offer complete end-to-end solution including Design, Manufacturing, Fit-Outs, Transportation and Installation of modular construction structures.

The units are fabricated and modified in our factory off-site before they are transported to the designated location where they are assembled to construct the final structure. All the units modified are custom-built to our customer’s specific requirements, with the ability to furnish these units to your particular specifications including internal walls and external cladding, aesthetic changes in design, wood work and furnishings. The standard container sizes are 20 ft and 40 ft; however, we are able to custom build units into your specific size requirements.

Our goal is to create the kinds of immersive environments that leave an impact on people.


  1. Durable – Made of carbon steel, and designed for long journeys across the open ocean, containers are virtually indestructible. They have excellent structural integrity and stand up to extreme weather conditions and harsh climates.
  2. Environmentally Friendly – With little to no foundation work required, savings on materials such as concrete, brick, steel, and options to purchase used containers, repurposed containers are the perfect sustainable solution for environmentally conscious corporations.
  3. Easily Transportable – Shipping containers are transported easily via crane or forklift to virtually any location, with no damage to the integrity of their infrastructure
  4. Adaptable – Shipping containers are impressively versatile with design elements easily incorporated into their structure, uniquely standing out aesthetically.
  5. Speedy Construction – Units are manufactured in an assembly line under factory conditions, ensuring speed of construction of around 4-6 weeks with assembly requiring 1-2 days
  6. Cost Effective – Almost all structural works and materials such as concrete, bricks and steel are eliminated when using shipping containers. Option to purchase used containers adds to their economic benefits.


  • Offices – F&B – Hospitality
  • Retail – Residential – Toilet Units

Turnkey Interiors

Extra Co Interiors division specializes in providing high quality, cost effective solutions for your interior designing and fit-out contracting needs, consistent with the highest standards of quality and services.

Our fit outs start from the detailed design and planning stage to the municipality permissions. Once all approvals are obtained we proceed with the fit out execution including project management, civil works, MEP and decor works, and joinery works.


  • Fit-out Contracting – we offer fit-outs for commercial, retail and hospitality projects
  • Manufacturing – our manufacturing and production facilities are equipped with state of the art technology
  • Design & Build – We offer a complete design and build service that can include sustainable solutions.
  • Project Management – we are committed to ensuring complete client satisfaction by providing quality workmanship