Extra Co Fiberglass Composites Business Unit was the first unit established in the Extra Co with humble beginnings; initially producing small cylindrical water tanks. Today, we are a market leader in liquid & gasses storage, treatment and transport solutions as well custom made GRP decorative and functional elements.

Our product offering has expanded to tens of thousands of different fiberglass elements ranging from standard infrastructure products such as Pipes, Pipe Fittings, Hot Press Panel Tanks and Gratings, to specialized custom products such as Chemical Tanks, Electrical Enclosures, Kiosks, Water Meter Boxes, Cabinets, Cable Trays, Claddings, Domes and others. We manufacture products in GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), GRV (Glass Reinforced Vinyl Ester) and GRE (Glass Reinforced Epoxy) materials according to the application and design specifications.

With a state-of-the-art factory and our team’s unparalleled specialized knowledge and workmanship experience, all products and services are produced to the highest international quality standards.


Extra Co is one of the top manufacturers of fiberglass (GRP/GFRC) storage tanks in the GCC region and internationally. We manufacture many types of tanks and vessels for various applications that include: Potable & Irrigation Water Tanks, Septic Tanks & Soakaways, Fuel & Oil tanks, Chemical Tanks, Bio Scrubbers and UF Tanks, Pressure Vessels and other special application tanks.

Cylindrical tanks can be oriented horizontally or vertically (silo style), placed above-ground or underground, produced as single-walled or double-walled, and can reach up to 4m in diameter with custom lengths. Sectional Panel Tanks are typically installed above-ground and due to their sectional nature, can reach virtually unlimited capacities; the panels can also be insulated for optimal weather resistance. In addition to the typical tank shapes and size, we manufacture completely custom tanks for specific applications including Rectangular/Square Hopper Tanks, V-shaped Settling Tanks and others.

Our fiberglass tanks can handle a vast range of corrosive fluids, extreme temperatures, soil aggression, moisture and external loads, and are custom design for specific project requirements and constraints. The long life, maintenance-free performance of Extra Co tanks gives them an edge over other types of tanks be it in residential use or in remote aggressive environments.


Extra Co manufactures Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP), Glass Reinforced Vinyl Ester (GRV) and Glass Re-enforced Epoxy (GRE) pipes which are specially designed for sanitary sewerage collection & drainage systems, storm water drainage, water transmission and distribution, sea water intake and outfall lines, water treatment systems, air purification & odour control systems, ducting, as well as many other applications.

GRP and GRV pipes are manufactured in standard lengths of 6m and 12m (with custom lengths of up to 18 meters) and can handle pressures from gravity up to 32 bars. In addition, GRP and GRV Pipes are available in the sizes ranging from DN 80 mm to DN 4000 mm. There is a diversified selection of options in jointing systems for GRP/GRV pipes such as: Double Bell Coupler Joint, Lamination Joint (Butt& Wrap Joint), Mechanical Joint and others.

We manufacture high performance industrial spools and fittings which can be produced in GRP, GRV, or GRE, and can be in RTRP specifications. We also have inhouse capabilities to performs Stress, Flexibility, and Surge Analyses (when required) for the appropriate design specifications. Spools and fittings include bends (of varying degrees), T-Connections & Y-Connections, Flanges, and factory-assembled prefabricated spools.


Extra Co is the leading manufacturer of sewerage and drainage fiberglass products in the UAE. Some of the sewerage and drainage products produced include: FRP Liners,

Manholes (up to 4m in diameter), Collection Chambers, House Chambers, and related accessories. Our Manholes are designed to be used for Inspection and maintenance of drains or sewers, ventilation of drains or sewers, cleaning and flushing of drains or sewers, and housing of pumping stations and Inlet drain pits. Manholes can be produced as single-walled or double-walled (also known as structural manholes). Similarly, Collection & Inspection Chambers are produced in all shapes (circular, square, rectangular) and sizes and as per the specifications and requirements of the customer. Compared to concrete manholes, Extra Co GRP Structural manholes can offer far greater benefits and advantages which include non-corrosiveness and reliability with no degradation to the outer and inner layers of the manhole, as well as light weightiness which facilitates handling and reduces time and cost during transportation and installation.

We also produce all types of accessories for sewerage and drainage systems to meet customer requirements, including Gully Pots, Sealing Plates, Ladders, Gratings & Platforms, and Safety Cages & Handrails.

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Extra Co manufactures Kiosks in standard designs or as per customer requirements with the design flexibility to vary access doors, height, width and depth. Our products are approved by SEWA, FEWA and DEWA in the UAE, and typically used to house transformers, distribution panels, pumps and package substations. Guard Houses, Cabins, and other special kiosks are also manufactured as per customer requirements.

We also produce smaller fiberglass enclosures for containing electrical meters, water meters, battery units, various instrumentation and other equipment. The anti-corrosion, high-strength/low weight and insulative aspects of fiberglass enclosures makes then better alternatives to traditional Steel or PVC enclosures.


In addition to the main categories of fiberglass products that Extra Co manufactures, there are many other products offered as well. Some of these miscellaneous fiberglass product ranges include:

  • Ladders & Platforms used in various service applications where corrosion is a concern.
  • Domes & Sheds used in decorative applications or as parking or seating shade.
  • Structural Profiles such as beams, channels, angles used in structures in highly corrosive environments.
  • Decorative Furniture & Accessories such as benches, loungers, tables, planters, sculptures, cable trays, and bins.
  • Lamination Services used to cover concrete or steel structures that will be exposed to water or corrosive materials.

Apart from the above, we are able to custom-manufacture any item in fiberglass, provided it is theoretically feasible.