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The Interiors Division manufactures many different products and provides many services to meet customer requirements. The Division can handle discrete product orders but can also take on complete turnkey furniture and fit-out projects, which would include flooring (raised flooring, tiles, wooden flooring, carpets, etc…), ceilings (false ceiling, gypsum boards, gypsum decoration), lighting appliances, furniture (chairs, tables, sofas, cupboards, etc…), doors & frames, windows, sanitary ware, wall painting, and others. Some of the Interiors Division product ranges include Furnishings & Fit-Outs, Doors & Frames, and Raised Floors & False Ceilings.

Furnishings & Fit-Outs

All types of furnishings and fit-outs can be manufactured or sourced as per the requirements of the customer. This includes fits-outs for offices, residential units, restaurants, hotels, exhibition halls, and others. 

Some of the products and services that are included in this product range are:

  • Furniture – Beds, Chairs & Sofas, Tables & Desks, Cupboards & Drawer Chests, Counters, etc.
  • Flooring – Raised Flooring, Tiles & Marble, Wooden Flooring, Carpets, etc.
  • Ceilings – False Ceiling, Gypsum Boards, Gypsum Decoration
  • Decorative Items – Mirrors, Planters, Pots, Statues, etc.
  • Lighting appliances & Sanitary Ware
  • Doors & Frames, Windows & Shutters
  • Wall & Ceiling, Painting & Cladding
Doors & Frames

Doors and frames can be manufactured as per the design of the customer (standard designs are also available). They can be purchased individually or as part of a complete fit-out project. Since Extra Co utilizes a wide range of manufacturing technologies, doors and frames can be manufactured in wood (different wood types are available as well as fire rated doors), steel, or fiberglass depending on the application.