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The Tanks & Vessels Division manufactures many types of tanks for different applications. The three main form factors of tanks manufactured are: Cylindrical, Panel, and Custom.

Cylindrical FRP Tanks

Cylindrical tanks can be both horizontally or vertically oriented based on the application. These tanks are either produced using a pipe as the main body shell with head and end caps, or using the hand lay-up method (for horizontal tanks) with 2 pieces (top and bottom) casted separately and bolted together. Flanges, fittings, brackets, separators, and other accessories are incorporated into the tanks at any location specified by the customer for the required application. Platforms can also be fitted for tall vertical tanks both internally and externally as per the functionality required. Custom colors can also be specified by the customer if required.

Some examples of applications for cylindrical tanks include:

  • Water Tanks, Septic Tanks & Soakaways
  • Fuel Tanks, Oil Tanks & Chemical Tanks
  • Underground Holding Tanks
  • Bio-Scrubbers & UF Tanks
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Other Special Application Tanks

Panel FRP Tanks

Panel tanks are usually square or rectangle-shaped but, in some special circumstances, can also be L-shaped or U-shaped. These tanks are composed of several hot-pressed FRP panels that are bolted together to form the walls of the tank. As such, there is great flexibility in terms of the size of the tank that can be built. This option is selected when the size of the tank is too large to be manufactured as a cylindrical/conventional tank or to be transported safely/easily from a factory to the destination. Panel tanks are also preferred (regardless of the size) when the delivery time is tight. Since the panels are pre-manufactured and stocked, only assembly is required so the delivery time is relative fast.

The most common application for Panel tanks is a water tanks, whether it is for smaller residential units or for larger industrial complexes. These tanks have an edge over conventional steel/aluminum tanks as they provide reliable, safe and hygenic storage of drinking water.

Custom FRP Tanks

When the customer has a need for a tank in a non-standard shape for a specialized application, the tank can be custom built.

Some examples of custom shaped tanks include:

  • Cylindrical Hopper Tanks
  • Rectangular/Square Hopper Tanks
  • V-Shaped Settling Tanks & Rectangular/Square Settling Tanks