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The Sewerage & Drainage Division produces all the components required for sewerage and drainage systems. This includes Manholes & Chambers and Sewerage & Drainage Accessories.

FRP Manholes & Chambers

FRP Manholes liners can be produced in all shapes and sizes as well as any angle combinations of inlets and outlets for the manhole benching. Extra Co also produces both single-wall and double-wall manholes. The advantage of double-wall manholes is that they can be installed very quickly by just lowering the manhole into position and pouring concrete between the two walls to provide the counterweight for the water table uplift force (avoiding all the formwork otherwise required for the foundation of the manhole)

Similarly, Collection & Inspection Chambers are produced in all shapes (circular, square, rectangular) and sizes and as per the specifications and requirements of the customer. Liner shafts can also be produced separately if required by the customer.

Ingeneral liners, manholes, and chambers are produced using the hand-lay-up manufacturing process to attain the often complex shapes, dimensions and angles required. Liners can sometimes be produced using the continuous filament winding process or the discontinuous filament winding process if their shapes are circular and match the diameters of standard pipes.

Some of the sewerage and drainage products produced include:

  • FRP Liners
  • Manholes (Diameters Up To 4m)
  • Collection Chambers
  • House Chambers
FRP Sewerage & Drainage Accessories

Many standard, as well as custom, accessories are produced for sewerage and drainage systems to meet customer requirements. Some examples include:

  • Gully Pots
  • Sealing Plates
  • Ladders
  • Safety Cages & Handrails