Scaffolding and Formwork

/Scaffolding and Formwork

The Scaffolding & Formwork Division manufactures both standard and custom steel scaffolding and formwork products. If the customer knows exactly what components are required, Extra Co can provide them. However, if the customer is unsure of the components and quantity required, Extra Co can design a complete economical scaffolding system for the customer’s structure to be built; the components and numbers can then be deduced accordingly. This Division’s two main product ranges are Scaffolding and Formwork.


Scaffolding is mainly manufactured as per the standard cup-lock scaffolding system, but custom elements can be manufactured as per customer requirements. Extra Co manufactures all the elements of the cup-lock scaffolding system and other accessories and structural elements as well. Such elements include:

  • Standards, Ledgers, & Props
  • Decking & Infill Beams
  • Base & Universal Jacks
  • Drop-Heads & Base Sockets
  • Intermediate Transoms & Intermediate Beam Brackets
  • Horizontal & Cross Braces
  • Tie Rods & Wing Nuts
  • Vertical Frames, Cantilever Frames & Hop-Up Brackets
  • Scaffolding Accessories (Couplers, Connectors, Clamps, Pins, Etc…)

Extra Co can also act as a one-stop shop for scaffolding and shuttering systems by also supplying the scaffold boards and plywood shutters if the customer requires.


Formwork is mainly manufactured as per the design of the customer. Different types of steel formwork can be manufactured, whether for slab casting, special shape column casting or for other applications.