The GRG Division manufactures and assembles different products as per the customer requirements. The main product ranges include Decorative Gypsum and Dry Walls & Ceilings.

Decorative Gypsum

Decorative Gypsum is manufactured as per the design of the customer (standard designs are also available). Gypsum is a highly formable substance and as such can be produced in varying sizes, shapes and thicknesses resulting in infinite design possibilities.

Some examples of applications for Decorative Gypsum include:

  • Interior Ceiling/Wall Light Fixture Base Designs
  • Interior Ceiling Cornices/Brackets
  • Interior Column Decorative Cladding
Dry Walls & Ceilings

Dry Walls & Ceilings are composed of gypsum boards that are assembled together onto a steel frame to form the walls or ceilings in the design required. The gypsum boards are found in standard sizes, but are cut and joined to form the structures required. Drywalls are used to create internal separations in halls or rooms without the use of concrete blocks, mortar, or wall-plaster. The advantage of Drywalls is that they are quick to install and less messy than traditional methods of wall-building, and at the same time Drywalls can be easily taken down or moved to restructure internal space. Gypsum board ceilings are similar to False Ceilings in their use (to hide air-conditioning ducts, piping, or other utility connections) but with the feature of appearing similar to a regular flat and smooth concrete ceiling.